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Hello world! How are you today? It is October 18, 2022, and you made it to see another sunrise or perhaps sunset. Thank you to all the visitors that have checked out this blog like Kenya, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, India, Ireland, France, Italy and even the Ukraine! Those are just a few that I noticed in the past week. It really is the best feeling knowing that my words are getting to travel even though I am physically here in the Coachella Valley. Also, thank you to all the bloggers out there that keep me enlightened and entertained. So many of you are such great photographers and storytellers and chefs! Yea, I follow many food blogs, you can really do (imaginary) travel by eating foods from different countries especially if the recipe that you are following has a story relating to it. Funny, but I wish that world leaders would have a potluck and break a little bread amongst them. Laughing to myself remembering the seven us around the dinner table in that little, yellow, box house in Duarte, California and eating peacefully, even after my sisters and I may have just been fighting over a used sweater and such. My mom’s food could calm raging bulls or hormonal teenage girls, really…my, I must be hungry this morning…

Breakfast! My favorite meal of the day. Fun fact, I have not used pre-made pancake mix in almost four years.

Right now, it is 4:39 AM and 71 degrees F. Just like heaven, well, my heaven will be 75 degrees F at all times…Life around here has been moving along, well. I have been painting more as it has been cooler in the studio and because it is cooler, I have been baking.

Yes, I made a mess, and it was fun!

For years, decades actually, I have tried to make my mother’s yeast rolls. Actually, I have tried several different recipes for yeast rolls and have still not figured out her secret. I can still see her at the counter pressing a cup into the dough and then placing the cut dough onto the baking sheet. My Dad and I would wait to test the first batch of rolls when she baked them for whatever holiday or family gathering during those years. Anyhow, the holidays are coming, and I want to make fresh rolls, like my mom. So, I started looking up different recipes for yeast rolls and reading the comments and reviews. Finally, I settled on one that had most of the ingredients, I had to swap out the lard for Crisco.

I thought that it was too sticky at this point, but it supposed to be like this.

Hubby does all of the grocery shopping. Usually, I write a list, scribble a list is more like it. A few weeks ago, I wrote “yeast”. What I wanted was active, dry, yeast. Hubby brought me, Rapid Rise yeast. Rapid Rise yeast makes me tremble a bit, as I have had several mishaps and mistakes. Ghosts of holidays past. Just thinking about one of my first Thanksgivings that I cooked all by myself and having to rush out to buy pre-made rolls because the ones that I made were stiff and could have been used as weapons in a food fight. So, I found a few, and read the comments that other bakers had made. As usual, I made a few adjustments, as I mentioned and embarked on a roll making adventure.

My first batch looked a bit ugly as you can see above. I made a second batch a few days later and they came out perfect as I had added a little egg wash to make them shiny. They kind of remind me of the rolls that you get in a plastic package. Just more proof that things sometimes take time and sometimes, you may try something several times to get better at it. Just like my painting and artwork.

This is a re-doo-doo…ugh.
This is also a redo. That brown spot was going to be a sunflower.

I ordered graphite paper so that it would make transferring my drawings onto canvas easier. I have tried free handing a few paintings of faces and they never come out that great. They come out kind of cartoony. The above painting of the girl in the hat is probably the third or fourth try on that canvas. I really hate wasting things. Also, I purchased a set of gauche paints. Truthfully, I have no idea what gauche is, but I do like that this paint is very versatile. You can even rehydrate it and use it as watercolor. Usually, I purchase my supplies at Walmart, but I think I have to change that. I noticed that their supplies are less expensive, but they also dry out faster and sometimes even the new paint is clumpy and dried out. Now, to just use up all of my supplies so I can start replacing the acrylic paints. Speaking of supplies, I purchased a set of canvas tote bags a year ago and finally did something with a few of them. I made trick-or-treat bags for the grandkids.

I mixed acrylic paint with this stuff that turns it into fabric paint. I am not sure if they will survive the washing machine, but they only took me a few minutes to create so not worried about whatever happens to these.

It is time to get on with the day, the sun has not risen yet and I would like to take Jenny out to catch it. Also, all of our cactus’ are covered in blooms, I hope to get some good photos. Oh, one thing, I just purchased tickets to see Whiskey Meyers, a band I have been following from Texas. We will be seeing them at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, CA in a few weeks! I can’t wait!

Thank you, dear reader, wherever you are, for visiting. May today be a day filled with peace, love and the smell of baking bread. Hugs.

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  1. Tanooki says:

    These bread looks so yum! I agree with you about everything gets better as long as we keep practice. I’ve been baking bread from scratch for a couple of years now, but sometimes good, sometimes a total wreck😂 When my bread came out great, I sometimes think “Wowwww👀✨…….why?🤔”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      😊 I know what you mean about “Wow. I made that!” Some bread recipes and tutorials make it seem so easy, when to people like me, it’s not. I think bread making involves patience. Sometimes I am too rushed, probably cause I am hungry 🤤 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tanooki says:

        Yes! And maybe the temperature is the key to perfectly rise the dough. I don’t have bread maker so everything is manual. Isn’t it too hard to look for “warm” place instead of hot places especially bright afternoon?😂☀️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. M. Lee Keena says:

        Now I know why my mom would stick the dough in a bowl and cover it with a towel. She used to yell at us for letting the cold air in. 😁 now I know that warm air makes the bread rise.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. terrie gura says:

    I love that you’re doing bread again! If you want to experiment, here’s a couple things to try to keep your bread or rolls from sticking when you shape them:

    Dust your countertop lightly with flour, and it’s OK if they go into the oven with a soft coating of flour because it will either absorb into them or bake on. Around here, we call those “snowflake” rolls!
    The other thing you can try is dip your hands into a bowl of cool water and work quickly to shape the dough.

    However you do it, they’re going to taste good. But practice really does make a difference, so keep at it! Oh, and those PANCAKES!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      The cooler weather will make it easier to try and bake bread.

      Good tips about getting the stick dough tamed. I think I had the counter top and the floor covered in flour 😝
      Come over for breakfast! I love making those pancakes. Funny, but the day after the last post Allrecipes posted the pancake recipe to their instagram. It’s one of their most popular recipes.
      I’m going to try out your tips later today cause I am going to try and make rolls again. 😋


  3. terrie gura says:

    I’m on my way over with a jug of maple syrup! Love how crazy fluffy those are!


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