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Hello Saturday! It is November 5, 2022. Yesterday was my middle son’s birthday and today would have been my sister’s 59th birthday. If today is your day, then happy birthday to you! Yesterday, I attempted to write a post, but was a little spent from the last trip to Las Vegas. This past Tuesday, we headed East on the 10 Fwy and took the backroads to our destination. The road we usually take was washed out during the past summer storms. This excited me, of course, the new route, not threats of impending flashfloods. The “new” route added about 20 additional minutes to the original route we were going to take but at least we would be getting to drive through Searchlight, Nevada, a former old rush era, boomtown.

I copied the route from Google Maps.

Our trip started out on Tuesday morning and ended Thursday night. Hubby’s brother and wife were in Las Vegas for a convention, so we went there to meet-up with them between their convention stuff. This gave us time to explore. Another thing that I was excited about, was that we were going to be staying at a hotel on Freemont Street!! Hubby booked a room at the 4 Queens. I had always wanted to stay there as I remembered hearing about it often over the years as my parents and sisters would stay there when they went to Vegas. I will write more about it soon. It was nice talking with Hubby on the way as we reminisced about our past trips there before we had met. It was also nice to hear his brother, tell some of those same stories that Hubby had shared. Right now, we are both still in recovery mode. I spent most of yesterday in my easy chair, resting my road weary legs and reviewing the photos and video from yesterday. I didn’t take many photos on the way into Vegas, but I did take many as we were heading home as the stormy skies were quite a sight. Here are a few from that ride home.

While in Las Vegas, we did a little sightseeing and checked out the Area 15, conveniently located near the 15 Freeway. We only spent around 2 hours there, including our adventure into Omega Mart, one of the attractions located in the Area 15 building. The website lists the attractions as experiences and yes, it was quite an experience for the visual senses. I will have to write more about it. Here are a few photos our time there as well as a Reel from my IG account.

This has a little more inside Omega Mart.

We also checked out a few outdoor attractions. One was Canyon Park located in Summerlin and we took a drive to the Red Rock Canyon State Park located in Mt. Charleston. Poor Hubby had to hear all of my stories of past trips to Las Vegas as a child. Red Rock Canyon has a special place in my heart as my Dad had taken us girls there on one of the first trips (family vacation) to Las Vegas back in the 1970’s. We didn’t quite make it to the Mt. Charleston lodge, as it was snowing but we did stop so I could take photos of the landscape.

The rest of the trip was pretty good. We had a few hiccups, when don’t we, but made it there and back safe and sound. Our pets though, they are needing extra pets and cuddles. Time for me to get on with reviewing the rest of the goodies that I captured. Oh, and not sure if this is a photoshop job, but one of my photos is being used the marquee at Treasure Island! Smiling, showing all teeth!

I copied this from Facebook when I saw it! This is the band that requested I remove a few of the videos on Youtube, by the way…

The original, unedited photo.

Getting a photo on a marquee in Vegas was not on my bucket list but OMG!!!! Thank you, danka, gracias, arigato, merci Rob Staley Band management, you made my week! Smiling, very big! Thank you again to Rob Staley and the many other bands that let me take their photos as they performed in the Lit Lounge at Fantasy Springs.

Anyhow, really, it is time to get back to doing absolutely nothing, my feet really need it.

To you dear reader, thank you for visiting. Hope you have a fabulous day. Cheers!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, and nice photos! We’ve taken that same route to Las Vegas too, as I hate driving the interstates. We went to San Diego yesterday to attend a memorial and spent the night with my niece & her family, and drove the back roads over the mountains and through Anza to Temecula, then took the interstate the rest of the way.

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    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      I am sure we will probably take that route again. We also stopped at Nelson ghost town along that route. Your drive must have had some pretty skies. We also like taking the back roads and staying off the interstate. Hopefully it didn’t rain.

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  2. This sounds like the perfect little get away, sometimes the shorter smaller trips bring us to the most interesting things. Loved all the pictures especially of the skies. Glad your able to rest and relax now that you are back home.

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  3. Tanooki says:

    Oh wow you stayed at 4 Queens!? Lucky you!! When I was a college student, we as 4 girls took a nice photo in front of that hotel🤣 Yes do write more about it! I haven’t been to Vegas for such a long time… it’s time to catch up what’s going on there🤩

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    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      How fun! I miss girl trips to Las Vegas! We saw a few bachelorette parties that looked like fun. It has changed so much in the last decade. There is so much to do there besides gambling 😁

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