La de da de de, la de da de da

Howdy! You made it to December 8, 2022. The last time I was here, writing a blog post, was almost a month ago, just after our visit to Santa Barbara. I mentioned that we were both run-down. Hubby, caught something, and not Covid, as he took multiple tests. I thought for sure, that he had caught it again, but no. Whatever it was, he shared it with me and no matter how hard I tried to lie to myself and do the usual things I do during flu season like telling myself “It’s your allergies.” or “Oh, must be lawn scalping time…” It still got me and infected my sinuses. Hubby, for the first time in years, took a few sick days. This man never calls in. Then there was no denying, it had me as well. Last Monday, I had awoken with the worst headache and body aches. I was getting sick and there was no escaping it. This morning, though, I feel way better than I did last week. Now, I can actually read as it no longer hurts to wear my glasses. To my kids, keep washing your hands and covering your sneezes! Hope you all stay well and virus free during this holiday season.

Here is a little listening music to go along with this post…please press play…

….drums keep pounding a rhythm.
Hubby playing bass and Tom singing.

A few days before Hubby got sick, he played with the Ghosts of Kelso, at the Tack Room located on the grounds of the Empire Polo Fields. Usually, well, in the past few years, I would take way too many photos and video of the band while they played. Lately though, I am trying to take less photos and be fully present so that I can observe the people and the band as they play. Also, I invited my son and his family so come out and have dinner with me and so that the kids could see their grandpa play. Usually, I don’t invite the kids ’cause I figure they would be bored but I am so glad that I took the chance this last time. It was nice watching my grandson moving his head and his fingers to the beat.

It had been a few months since the guys had played and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Even a group a Hubby’s coworkers came out that night. They play again in January, and I am looking forward to it.

Oh, oh, oh…Hubby purchased an electronic drum set! (Smiling, showing all teeth right now!) It arrived during the start of Hubby’s illness. He had put it together and then it sat for a few weeks, waiting for us to feel normalish. Last week, I looked up a few drum tutorials and have been happily banging around on it in the morning. It really is quite a workout, and it is hard to play without smiling. Also, I love how Tacobelle likes to sit on her perch and watch as I practice. To me, drumming has been so much easier to grasp than learning to play guitar. Again, I am not looking to join a band but hopefully to jam with Hubby.

This is an Alessis Turbo. I love it and was so excited when it arrived.

One thing about me, I love drums and bass as this is the rhythm section in a band. I have mentioned that when I am out shooting live music, I use drumbeats to know when to push the trigger on my camera because I know that people, when performing, also use the drumbeats as cues. Sometimes, this is when a guitarist will choose to throw a shape or pose while playing. Hope my new hobby will give me a better understanding of music and beat.

Yesterday, we got out of the house and headed to Morongo Valley. Hubby follows the Cactus Mart, a nursery in on Twentynine Palms Highway. I was happy to get out of the house as we had not been out unless it was to pick up things at the market in almost three weeks. The only illness I had yesterday was “cabin fever” and that was cured. It was nice to wander around the property and check out the various cactus plants and succulents.

Hubby picked out this really interesting plant. I will have to Google more info on it to make sure I or should I say, we, do not kill it.

This plant needs a name as it looks like quite a character, I think I like the name Carmen, like Carmen Miranda.

So, that was the last month. Not much to write about but at least now, I can sit up right with my glasses on and hopefully catch up on some of the blogs that I have missed as well. This is just me and my goofy thinking, I feel bad when I miss reading some of the posts that the bloggers that I regularly follow. I try my hardest, usually, to at least read and look at the photos because I know the work that goes into all of your blogs. Anyhow, to all of you that have checked in with private messages, “I thank you!” Well, it is time to move along and work on my new drums, (again, smiling, showing all teeth!) ” One last thing, “Way to go, Georgia!” Raphael Warnock won his mid-term and we can put Walker out to pasture, where he belongs. He said was a farmer, right?

Thank you, dear reader, for visiting. Wherever you are heading today, I hope you make there safely. Hugs to you and you and you.

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  1. terrie gura says:

    Thanks for the Sonny & Cher tune, which will now be permanently embedded in my ears the rest of the week (my own fault for pressing play). I’m so glad you both are finally feeling “normal” again! There’s so much illness going around this season. Loved the pics of the Cactus Mart. When I saw the cat and chickens roaming, I thought maybe you went to Key West! Hahaha

    And yes, let’s send Walker out to pasture– in TEXAS, where he admitted he lives!!! (SMH)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Ooops! I’m humming it as I type this out. Ha ha!

      The Cactus Mart was fun and I love their pets. The cat was very protective of the birds.

      Hope you stay well during this cold and flu season 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ZeroSpace says:

    Glad you’re all better. 🙂. Ah, so you’re a drummer.


    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      If air drumming counts, yes! Really, I am just learning hope to be good enough to play either the drums or guitar. Guess I need to stick to just one…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry to hear you both have been sick. My husband and I both caught the respiratory virus that seems to be circulating through the population. I caught it from my grand niece who we visited in San Diego in early Nov., then Michael caught it from me. We didn’t feel too badly, other than for a persistent nagging cough, which I’m still getting over.


    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Hey Jeff, Glad you guys got through it. To me, it was way worse than Covid. You are right about it lingering. I felt well yesterday morning but started feeling it again yesterday. Hope you keep getting better.

      Liked by 1 person

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