Good morning to you on June 19, 2020! Today is going to be a good day, dag nab it! Or was that Dang nab it? Oh sorry about that. Last night was date night and Hubby and I took a trip to the recently re-opened Fantasy Springs, in Indio, CA. It was greatest hearing and seeing live music, even for the 20 minutes that we were in the lounge. It was really nice of the DJ to have a security guard watch me and keep me safe while I was there. Mr. DJ smized very well and I could feel his frown that was covered by his patriotic mask as he looked at us as we entered near the front bar. I was happy to see the lovely bartender at the front bar, near the machine. Glad that she returned after the pandemic closure. Tip her big, next time you are there! Anyhow, It really hurt my feelings and made me feel ugly when we got kicked out for taking a selfie. Yeah, I get it, I know I am ugly, and that just felt like shit. I can see getting kicked out for having my camera or cameras, but I didn’t it was just a phone, an Iphone SE. Not even an 11 and it was pointed at us, not at anyone. Really, I am sorry that I pushed the limits, before, but I was only trying to better myself with what limited resources I have in the valley. An article I had read said to practice, practice, practice – even if you had to sneak! It is not like I hadn’t reached out to the hotel before and not received a response. What is it with returning emails related to Lit Lounge? I have never charged for my photos and try not bug people and have never cared if anyone has used my photos, or even if I was not given a photo credit. I take photos because I like taking photos, not to become Instafamous or famous for that matter. Really, I am just trying to catch a feeling a memory, or an idea for a story or to create art. Also, it helped me refocus my chronic pain as I have mentioned several times in past blog posts. Speaking of that, I have a story to write about the CV and this situation. Now, with live music being between a rock and hard place, then I guess I just need to focus on something else. By the way Hubby, THANK YOU!!! Gracias!!!! Arigato!! For sticking up for me, sorry I didn’t wait and kept walking as you talked to that man! By the way, to the band and patrons, my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience we caused as that was not my intention. This is why I usually sit in the balcony, but it was closed, probably because of social distancing guidelines. Anyhow, again, thank you to all the talented musicians that we have met and watched in that room. The ones that happily posed on stage for photos, those were the best nights and this ol’ Grama appreciates it!

The forbidden photo and taken from my favorite side of the room. If you know us, then you know we have issues taking selfies and can never fit ourselves in the frame.

I need a little music in my morning because my night made me think of this by one of my favorite bands from Hereford, England. (I have way too many favorite bands….) The Pretenders. Speaking of being a bar tender. I used to karaoke frequently and had a few songs I could sing with my eyes closed. Middle of the Road and Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders were a couple of those songs. Chrissy Hind is a rock goddess and when and if I ever grow up, I wanna be like her! She is no nonsense and takes no stuff. She speaks her mind just as well as she plays guitar. Anyhow, I had a customer who used to come in on the nights I worked and he would tip me, very well, to sing any Pretenders (or Natalie Merchant) songs. When you work for tips and you can do something that didn’t involve giving a free drink or getting naked it was a win-win! Back then, we had to carry our own banks, if you know what I mean…This song Criminal, I have always wanted to sing, but it would have to be tuned down a bit for my voice. I am not looking to sing professionally, (laughing out loud) just with friends around a campfire or something like the old days. Pipe dreams…

Press play…

It’s Friday and may you have a peaceful and easy weekend. May happiness and joy find you. If you have the chance to be rude to someone, think before you act or speak, you just never know what kind of day they may be having. I sometimes forget that and will work on that myself. Hugs to you, and you, and you and you and especially you over there!

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  1. morishige says:

    Cool! You did go to the live music. 😀 I wonder why some of the place still forbid people from taking photograph. I mean, it’s not Pentagon, is it? 😀

    Thanks for the song, M! Now I know another song of The Pretenders other than I’ll Stand by Me. Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. morishige says:

      Oh, no. I got the title wrong. I mean I’ll Stand by You. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I knew what you meant… 🙂


      2. Hey Ajo,

        Just checking on you and Madam. We should exchange emails…just sayin’

        Hope all is well…Grama K 🙂


    2. Legally, the hotel has the right to restrict photography. The band however has the right to have photos taken. I just did not have the permission of the band and did not go through the proper channels. However, I have had permission there and have always been hassled. I agree, it is not the Pentagon and I only shoot the band and not the gambling or bar but I pissed someone off. I am just sad that I can go back in there to watch the bands but it is my own fault as I did not follow the rules. Now I must pay the consequences. 🙂

      I can sing most of her songs! I so want be like her 🙂 Have a great day!!


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