Good day to you! You made it to Saturday, July 31, 2021 and that is a great thing! Right now, it is a cool 81 degrees at 5:53 AM here in the Coachella Valley. Tomorrow, I hope the cool temperatures last till late in the morning as we have a shoot planned with the pugs that I had over a few months ago. This time there will be no pool involved and we will be doing it at a local park that I have used for a past shoot. This time though, I am shooting the puggies and their Mom as I asked her to be a model as well. I am sure there will lots of smiles and laughing tomorrow.

In a few days, I will be having my gallbladder removed. This surgery can’t come soon enough as I have not had a break from the pulsating, uncomfortable feeling below my right shoulder in a few weeks. At pre-op, I wanted to back out when I heard what diet will be like after surgery and it seems that most of the offending foods are all things I frequently eat and will have to make healthier choices. My head wanted to go on a food binge and eat those things that I am not supposed to after surgery but my gallbladder keeps reminding me that “No, you can’t and won’t eat that!” Anyhow, I am looking forward to the after, the after will be all those symptoms that a stone filled gallbladder produce to be gone and history. To my kids, your physicians and me would like you to make healthier choices in your diet and do exercise, even if it is just walking daily.

These were clipped from cell phone video.

It took me a bit but I got through all the footage and separated all the songs. It sucked that the Sony kept overheating and would shut down. Luckily I kept the cellphone going. I also would snap a few with the Nikon while I was trying to film with the Sony. The Nikon had a 50 mm prime lens. I wish I would have been a little braver and moved from where I was standing while Hubby played but really, I am glad that I stayed put as I saw a lady get a little roughed up and blood was drawn. Below are a some of the shots with the 50 mm prime lens, all straight from the camera and unedited.

I edited one of the songs, Tommy and added photos and other video to parts that were not in focus or were pointing at the ground as I was getting jostled a bit. This was the last song and during the show, you could hear people calling out “Tommy”. The video last about 2 and a half minutes. That is the beauty of punk rock, songs are short, fast and sweet.

A grinder!

In a few weeks, three from the last email I received, Hubby and I will be going to Los Angeles to see the Black Crowes! I can’t friggin’ wait! We have floor seats. Hubby will be sitting in the seat directly behind me. We lucked out because they are at the end of the row so we won’t have to worry about people walking in in front of us. Hopefully, the show will go on as the reports of the new strain of Covid-19, the Delta variant is moving and shaking quickly. The scary thing is that you can still catch this virus, even if you have been fully vaccinated. There is a silver lining, if you are fully vaccinated, your chances of severe illness and complications lessen. I will gladly rock a mask. a hand stamp, or carry a vaccine passport at that show and any other show that we are lucky to afford to see in the future. Heck, I would gladly wear a copy of my vaccine card on a shirt as I am proud that I took that shot along with all those other people that have. I still want to protect the vulnerable, like people with asthma and other under lying health conditions that are not visible to the naked eye and untrained eye. To all of you that rolled up sleeves for the greater good, “Thank you!” Carry on!

Today, I hope to finish a few paintings that I am working on. I picked out two photos from a concert that we were at in 2018 Indio Date Festival. That night I was lucky and was right in front of the stage and directly in front of the guitar player, Michael Staertow. It was the best as he and I connected and got some great shots. That night though, I was not ready for the bright stage lights and did not adjust my camera accordingly. I was trying to focus and adjust as I shot and didn’t use any of the auto settings. Big mistake. Hopefully, the next time that I am at a concert and I have shooting privilege’s, I will learn how to cut through the light pollution.

The photo above is unedited. Back then I was caught up in the bullshit photography mumbo jumbo. I remember a friend of mine asked what mode I shot in, I exclaimed “Manual”, as that was the truth back then. I had read quite a few articles and puff pieces from other photographers about how they get their best shots. Now I find out that, you can shoot video and steal frames! I think it is cheating but know that even though I fumbled through the last few years I came out better for it. Glad I only read a few articles. I mainly stay away from posts that tell you that their way is the best way to shoot. I still feel that everyone needs to find their own way in photography. One day, something will click and you will know when that is and when you see it.

This was last week.
I have never had a formal art class. Hope I am doing this right?
This is where I stopped last night.

I have a few shots from last weekend that I want to work into a painting. I loved the mosh pit so I will be working that one out during the rest period after surgery. Hopefully, I can focus and get a few more finished. I also have one picked out of Lou Gramm that I am trying to work out. Hope I can cause he is one of my favorite singers, ever!

Well, time to get on with stuff. Thank you for visiting! To you, dear reader, where ever you are today, I hope your day is peaceful. If you are traveling may get there safely. Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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  1. Those guys dance-walking around in circles to the music crack me up. I went to see a metalcore band I follow at The Hood in Palm Desert a few years ago, and the way people (mostly men) would thrash about the dance floor, slamming into one another in the process, was quite something. I tried to take some pictures, but had to get out of the way!

    Good luck with your surgery. I probably like a lot of the foods they’ve told you to avoid after surgery, so would be unhappy about that too.


    1. The first time I encountered a mosh pit was back in the 90s. It hasn’t changed, well, except for the guys hugging each other and shaking hands after they have pushed and shoved each other. You were brave to try and take photos there! I was there a few years ago and stayed safely to the side of the stage and behind a panel šŸ™‚

      Thank you. I can still have those things but with out a gallbladder I will wish I hadn’t šŸ˜¦ Take care and stay cool!

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  2. Bethany says:

    can i fly with hemp


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