Alarmed and dangerous

Good day to you, where ever you may be today. It is April 19, 2022 and the morning skies are filled with clouds. It is nice sitting here looking out at the full moon hanging over the Santa Rosa Mountains.

That little white dot just over yonder…

You know that saying about “never being too old to learn a new trick”? Count me in as one of those old dogs as I learned a valuable tool for keeping safe when you are alone or do not want to draw attention to yourself and still get help. (Yes, you grammar people, I meant to say that all in one breath). Yesterday, as I often do, I removed the cellphone cover from my iPhone so that I could snap a photo without the corner being darkened because it does not fit properly. Anyhow, I put in on the wrong way, meaning the on/off button as well as the volume buttons were being held down without stopping for more than 5 seconds. This then sends out texts to whoever you have listed as an emergency contact and sends them this text message:

This is the notification that was sent out to my sister and husband.

I had my phone on silent, this is another feature that I have issues with because I carry the phone in my pocket to record steps through out the day and it will get switched to silent without me knowing. Anyhow, my sister reached out via text and asked if I was alright. I messaged and called her to let her know that I was okay and that I could not figure out how to turn off the feature as it had locked my phone. Even turning if off does nothing. Anyhow, about an hour later (I did figure out how to turn it off but don’t remember how) we got an angry knock on the door. Hubby answered and it was the local authorities. We both apologized profusely. After he asked a few questions and left after he was satisfied that all was safe. I Googled the issue as I was upset at my stupid phone but then again, I have been in situations where I needed to get police without raising alarm or alerting someone that I was calling. Now, I wish that more people knew about this feature. The feature can be turned off or made to be not so touchy.

My phone had been set to OFF for the time being.

This will alert authorities and emergency contacts your GPS as well after the power switch is triggered 5 times.

Maybe I watch too much Dateline but I can’t help but feel that someone I know needs this help. Who ever you are, please list me as your contact and I will do what ever I can to get you assistance, like call the police for a wellness check. I am not sure if android phones have this service but I will look into it. There was this one time when I was “out of my friggin’ mind” and I went on a slew of dates when I tried my luck at finding love on-line. I met this guy for a drink at a bar instead of Starbucks and then he tried to get me drunk, I used to be able to “hold my own” in many drinking games and knew my limits. Something about him was off and I decided to end the date and told him I had to get home early because of work. He walked me to my car, and as I was thanking him, he pushed me up against the car and I screamed, very loud. He let go and I can’t remember what he said as he walked away from me but I got in my car and left, never looking back. The next day he did email to tell what a C word he thought I was and that I was lucky because no one as fat as me could ever get anyone as good as he was….Huh? Yeah, not one of my brightest moments but really, I think I was lucky. There are many other stories that I am not ready to share here, just yet and that one was in the top 5 scariest. Anyhow, had I known about that feature, I may have alerted the authorities about him because if he had done that to me, what had he done to other women that happened to meet this “nice, no drama, ordinary guy”. Do not believe every title on a dating site, I even stretched the truth a time or two on them. Good camera angles are the best storytellers…laughing…So, I plan on using that feature security feature when I am out walking by myself in the morning or if I am traveling by myself, without Hubby and I get into trouble. However, I will have it set to the 5-presses before someone is alerted. Do you, reader, have any helpful tips to keep safe when out alone? I fall often because of the issues with my spine and have trouble with gravity so yes, this is a good feature for me and probably others like me.

Photo: James Keena

Yesterday, my son and his family stopped by as I had things for Easter to give to them. He asked of they could use the pool and I said “Of Course!” They surprised me by hiding Easter eggs so that I could watch the kids look for eggs. It was the best watching my son hiding eggs and and then helping the kids find them. After they found all the eggs we all headed to the pool.


They all seemed to have a great time and I look forward to them spending more time in the pool as summer approaches. Now to look for a new bathing suit!

I snapped this Sunday morning somewhere in Coachella.

Not much else has been going on, unless the Coachella Music & Arts Festival counts? No, I did not go or will be going next week. I am still not crowd ready, but getting there. I was hoping to go to Stage Coach but it is not in the cards this year. We mostly stayed around here and worked on our place as we wanted to avoid the weekend traffic around here. I did finally finish that one painting and have started to work on another one that I had put away to mellow.

This one is done. Now to get it framed.
I finally have a “picture” in my head of this…

Thank you, dear reader, for visiting! Where ever you are may today be a good day. May your day be full of light and love. Hugs…

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  1. ZeroSpace says:

    Wow I’m sorry you had to deal with a dirt-bag piece of shit and I am glad you screamed loud. I want to find him and punch him just reading that.
    I might have to search to see if Android has this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      You are so kind to worry. Truthfully, I worry when I see others post that they are meeting people for the first time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. M. Lee Keena says:

        Ooops, hit send to fast. ugh! Yeah, that guys was a piece of shit and I was lucky. Like I was saying, I worry for other women and hope they have an out and are able to get away. Yes, please search android as I want to pass this info to my daughter and her friends.


  2. Tanooki says:

    OMG, I’m so glad he didn’t go any further after hearing your scream! I think those people can find someone through online is brave and super lucky👀 I’m not really big drinker so biiiig no to first date at a bar on night😱 I’m sorry you still have some more story…hopefully paintings and your family can sooth you from these memory😭

    Aaand, congrats for finishing the painting👍💕 I love it❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      I am glad too, that he gave up. That memory makes me never want to have to go on a first date ever again. (make me love my Hubby even more.) It is scary out there. I used to alert my girlfriends and let them know that I was going out with someone.

      Thank you 🙂 Now to finish more.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. terrie gura says:

    Online dating is the worst. I did it only once… and VERY briefly. After my first marriage ended. A bunch of duds. But I always met them for the first time in a bar, specifically a bar where I was a regular and the bartenders knew me, and I sat at the bar with the guy. I felt safer, and I always appreciated the observer’s insight the bartenders gave me later. Noticing things that I didn’t, and also informing me of the dude‘s behavior before I arrived. Very, very helpful.

    Besides your crappy date encounter, one other thing in your post struck me as terrible. I can’t believe the police were angry when they came to your house! For crying out loud. Accidents happen, like when a child is playing with a phone and dials 911. Honestly, they should instead be relieved to learn that you aren’t in trouble. 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      You have got that right about online dating. Very scary. You were lucky that you had the bartenders to help keep you safe. They do have great insight on people.
      Trouble with me is that I was kind of embarrassed to be online dating back then and didn’t want to go to places where people knew me. God forbid something happens and Jim and I are no longer together, well, actually, I am in a relationship with my pets :)…ha ha

      Yeah I was a little put off but I could see the fear in his eyes when we opened the door. They never really know what they are going to encounter on the other side of the door. I was just glad that it is legal to smoke pot cause I had just finished when the knocking started and I thought I was going to pee my pants when I saw it was a cop at the door 🙂


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