Another week has gone by and we are back at Sunday.  Also, week one of Coachella is almost in the books.  No, I was not in attendance nor was I in attendance to any of the parties.  I did however get an invite this year to a party hosted by the EC Twins at the Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs.  The invite came through Instagram after I had posted a few photos.  Funny thing is I don’t think they really wanted a funky 49 year old in walker at their shindig.  Truth is, I really wanted to go!  Really! The invite said secret musical guest and I was intrigued as this meant that I had a chance to take some event photos and this may have lead to other opportunities for me in the Palm Springs area.  Hopefully there will be more opportunities.  Silly me and a face palm to the head.  Who am I fooling?  I am in pain seriously and if it weren’t for the morning wake ‘n bake sessions I don’t think I could make it through more than 10 minutes of sitting.  It took me 2 hours to type this paragraph, really.  Anyhow, as I have been mentioning in past posts, I have been editing and changing photos from past shoots.  I am not one for using other peoples Lightroom presets as I have enough swimming around in my head to fill my own palette.

The Pretenders song 2000 Miles just started playing on my play list and I am deep in a lemony haze of a long comfortable head rush.  “2000 miles…I think of you where ever you goooo…”  This is what my head is singing but here are some of the the actual lyrics posted below.

It’s very far
The snow is falling down
Gets colder day by day
I miss you”

I miss lots of things lately like the Los Angeles skyline and even the traffic and the smell of the bus exhaust. I posted a photo of My sons and I in front of Won Kok a dim sum restaurant in China Town a few days ago and boy do I miss the LA food.  Mostly I miss Sunday breakfasts in my kitchen in Echo Park.  I would make bacon and pancakes and my boys would fumble around me stealing bacon while I was flipping pancakes.  I always feigned annoyance but I never really was annoyed.  Like most mothers, it secretly brought me joy.

Another great song just loaded, I‘m Going to Get You Stoned by Colin Hay to my play list.  I’m a sucker for lyrics.  Some have accused me of being cheesy at times and I have to admit that I resemble the cheesy remark.  However, I do like this lyrics from this song even if some might think it a bit on the cheddar-ish side.

We’re all doin’ time
I can hear it tickin’ while I’m talkin’
Not living is the crime
I squeeze it each and every day
Well I must be on my way
I’m still running chasing dollars
It’s just a habit now I’d say
It sure beats lying in the sun

Anyhow, enough of my Sunday rambling.  Then again, one more great song to just loaded and you might want to check out if you are into fiddles and shit like that. Old Enough by The Raconteurs. This band has never really been on my radar but they are now.  This song features Ashley Monroe and Ricky Skaggs.  One thing about me is when I like something I will study it.  In this song I heard fiddles and a stand-up bass and yes when I looked up the song on YouTube it was all there.  How could I have missed this song? Just too much good music these days I guess, right?

You look pretty in your fancy dress
But I detect unhappiness
You never speak so I have to guess
You’re not free
There, maybe when you’re old enough
You’ll realize you’re not so tough
And some days the seas get rough
And you’ll see


Time for me to get back to my Sunday dreaming and schlepping.  Thank you again to you for stopping by.  Hope you have had joy and peace during your week.  See you again.




My Spotify Playlist is listed under Emmme_lee Playing Fetch With the Melon Collie

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