…necessarily necessary

Howdy! If you are reading this then you made it to Sunday and that’s something, right? This past week has been so wonderfully busy. I think I still need another day to recover. My legs feel like wobbly but I know it won’t last too long. I think I did more walking this week this past week than I have done in eight months. Does this mean I am cured? Does this mean that I am pain free? Heck no. It means that I refocused it somewhere else. I have had many years of practice doing it. When I had the stroke in July of 1991 I had to learn to refocus all kinds of sensations. The pins and needles. The electrical feelings in my fingers and my face. The worst part was that it was only one side that was effected. I used to wince in pain when anything brush my right thigh as the stroke left me some residual defects and nerve pain. It took a few years but I hardly notice it anymore. I have always pushed myself till exhaustion. Well, now I am resting as needed as I am no longer a single parent trying to keep shit together. This week pushed me to my limits and maybe beyond. However, if I would have fed into my inner voices telling me to stay home and medicate I wouldn’t have experienced Brian Wilson & the Zombies. I would have stayed in on country night and not gotten to talk to people that I have met at Lit Lounge in the past few years or see Country Nation Band and all the great dancers. Also, I had a quick shoot with the talented entertainer, Sarah Winchester. That night, I got to use the Sony and Nikon so I could compare the differences in each. While at Fantasy Springs I know that the Nikon DSLR is better for stills. The Sony A7 is best for video recording. However, I am sure with a better lens with quicker action I will be able to shoot stills with the Sony in low-light situation. I am pretty impressed with the handling of the Sony and the sound quality. I haven’t yet tried to edit the video but will be working on that this week.

I always sit in the same seats when we are up in the balcony. There are breaks in the railing and this was one of the test shots when I was trying to work with the Sony.

This is with the Sony 28-70 kit lens.

So, I am still practicing and trying new things. I feel like I am getting better with my shooting. Lately, I have been looking (shopping) for a vintage 35mm camera as I miss shooting on film. Life was easier then, you either chose ISO 100 for daytime shots, 400 for action shots and indoor (with flash). I miss deciding on using B&W or color and using the light meters. Before I inherited my Mom’s 35mm (I just remembered my first 110 camera!) I loved that little camera and the way the film cartridges looked, The negatives were also thin as I recall. Back then, you kind of knew what your picture was going to look like but until it was developed, did you see if you got the shot. It seemed like it took forever waiting to get photos back. I never learned how to develop my own but am thinking that now that I have the time it may be something that I need to investigate closer. Just made me think of the quote about “necessity being the Mother of invention…” Yeah, I think of that as I need to reinvent many things in my world right now. My shooting has drastically changed. It was hard to get some of the angles I wanted but couldn’t get because my spine does not allow it. I get sharp reminders when I move to far in one direction. Although, I do anticipate that getting less and less as I keep working out and building my core strength. I had no idea how core strength effects everything. A few months ago, I felt like a Weeble-Wobble but now that I have been swimming and stuff, I don’t feel as weak as I had. I did use a trick from my physical therapy. I got into the pool to shoot some of Sarah’s photos. Water relieves the heaviness my lower half feels and I feel steady in there as I know if I fall it is not going to hurt.

To learn more about Sarah Winchester you can check out her music on <a href="http://<iframe src="https://open.spotify.com/embed/artist/0uCyaciTAauElbSW7PAkcO&quot; width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media">Spotify <click here or follow her on Instagram for updates of where her band will be playing next @sarahwinchesterband

I knew that I should have prepared for this shoot and kind of had an idea of what I wanted but so glad I decided on the fly and let things happen naturally. Most shoots I prepare for and get props and such ready as I have a story in my head. All of this is key for me to making the shots speak. This time I wanted to be unprepared, well as unprepared as I could be as I have had the opportunity to do a shoot with her a few months ago. Just wanted to make sure I could pull a rabbit out of the hat or dust bunny, kidding.

My makeshift studio.
Jenny was hanging out trying to get into as many photos as she could. Also, I just noticed the finger tattoo…very cool!

All in all is was a fabulous day! I got to practice on head shots and know that I need to invest in some lights. I am not one for the light ring. When I look at photos sometimes that is what I see first, especially if the eyes are open is there is a white ring in the eye or eyes. No, I am not criticizing it’s use and have seen some lovely portraits but still wish the rings would have been photoshopped out. Forgive me as I am an old auditor and will notice little details that most won’t ever notice.

Yes, I know it needs work but I think I am driving in the right direction.

Well, it is Sunday and you know that means? A drive to no where in particular or maybe a lazy day watching football and stuff. Who knows? I am just glad that it is getting cooler, well cooler at night.

Where ever you are reader hope today is good day. One where you smile and someone smiles back at you! Have a lovely day and thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you again.

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