Good day out there world! It is S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! How are ya’ll doing out there? Really? I do care and not just throwing it out there like small talk, really. I have been bad and had ignored my social media rules I had set for myself, like only stop for cats, fuzzy animals, animal rescues and Walter the Donkey. Well, really, the rule, my rule, was okay to look at some of the other stuff, but never comment on it, no matter how it moved me. Even if it was like a bowel movement. I have no filter sometimes and forget to punctuate and write out my thoughts completely. Thank you, THC. Seems my fingers, brain, heart, ego, who knows, got the best of me and I commented on a few posts here and there that I shouldn’t have. Do I regret what I said? No! Absolutely not. However, I would never want to impose my thoughts and feelings and passions when these people are just trying to express themselves and what they feel is right in their heart. No matter how wrong I think it is. (I am writing and thinking about a blog post I commented on yesterday.) After all, that is their right to express themselves and I should have just moved on and not given them credence and given them my emotions freely. Yesterday, as I often do, I typed cauda equina syndrome in the search bar to see if there were any new articles or new blogs to follow and I happened upon one and was about to hit follow when she revealed her true heart, that is her right. This is why I have my blog, so I can express myself, in my own words and also open myself up to dialogue, because sometimes even uncomfortable dialogues get changes started. Anyhow, to that blog, I just spent an hour looking for it and can not find it, as I was probably blocked. I am humbly sorry.

This was taken is a spot we had breakfast at in La Quinta, CA.

Oh yeah, well enough of that serious stuff, this morning, Shontelle came up on my playlist. Her song T-Shirt entered my orbit around 2010ish. According to Wikipedia, the song was released on her debut album Shontelligence in 2008. The song T-Shirt is a catchy, girl anthem that had me moving anytime it came on. My poor neighbors that lived beneath me at that apartment on Albany St. In DTLA. Those words to this song written by Andrew Frampton / Terius Nash / Wayne Wilkins / Savan Kotecha, just got me and probably many women out there at that time. The beat and the words. How could you not like a song that included “Jimmy Choos” and “Hanes” in it? Really, this could be covered by other genres and is relevant in 2020 just as it was in 2008. I didn’t have a significant other but still loved the song.

HeyTry’na decide Try’na decide
If I really wanna go out tonight
I never used to go out without ya
Not sure I remember how ta

Gonna be late Gonna be late
But, all my girls don’t have to wait ’cause
I dont know if I like my outfit
I tried everything in my closet

Nothin feels right when Im not with you
Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
Takin them off ’cause I feel a fool
Try’na dress up when

Im missin you

Imma step out of this lingerie
Curl up in a ball with something Hanes
In bed I lay

With nothing but your T-shirt on
With nothing but your T-shirt on

This Shontelle in 2008….You go Girl!

Anyhow, I am going to try and feature,( ha ha like I am a big publication – NOT). I will focus more on women entertainers new and from the past. It was sad that I took a History of Rock ‘n Roll class at Citrus College in Glendora, CA back in the early 1990s and they never taught us about Fanny. That class satisfied Fine Art or Language transferable units. I think I got a B. My final project I used three songs from Allroy Saves as my final essay and how their music related to gender and socio-ecomic times. I wish I would have kept it. Dang. In that class, I learned about the early history of rock. I was in awe of the movies our teacher would present. Well, the class had surround sound and theater seating. I saw Zeppelin, Floyd, Ledbetter, Cash, Williams, Jolson, to name a few. Etta James and Patsy Kline did come up as did a few other notable female entertainers, but none that stick out in my mind. Come to think of it, I don’t think I missed one of those classes. The class did touch on Heart and the Go Gos and even Madonna. Why, oh why did we not learn about FANNY? These women should be in the Rock ‘n ‘ Roll hall of fame, just sayin’? Here is one more example of their talent and artistry.

This was recorded in 2011

If you are into podcasts, Please check out Fanny The Band. I listened to a podcast yesterday and hope to catch up on the other three that they have listed. To filmmakers and documentarians, really, there can never be enough documentaries on the history of music. I had no idea about Fanny and I am 50 years old, how did that many years pass with out ever hearing about them? How many other talented women are out there waiting to be heard? Don’t worry boys, ya’ll are never far from my mind and talent will always shine through no matter what gender you are, right? To me I am amazed by all musicians as I myself can’t make myself learn to play an instrument. Me, I keep giving up. However, I just wrote lyrics to a song and would love to be able to play it because, surely, you wouldn’t want me to sing it. Oh no, no, noooo.

Yesterday morning, Hubby and I had one of our fancy breakfast dates. We patronized a local Del Taco and then stopped in the parking structure just near it and had breakfast. I had always wanted to stop and get photos from there and took the opportunity as you never know when you may never have the chance again. From that parking spot, You can see all the way (almost) to the base of San Jacinto Peak where the Palm Springs Tram departs.

It was nice and the cattails blowing in the wind was nice touch.

The blowing wind made nice background music.

Just came in from taking our pug out for her morning walk. It is hot already! Tomorrow the forecast is calling for lower temps, that is if you think the lower 100s is cooler. Looking forward to what ever tomorrow brings.

Thank you, dear reader, for stopping by. Be safe and well where ever you are. Hugs.

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  1. morishige says:


    About the music, it feels kind of weird that as we grow old we find old bands that suit our taste. Perhaps we listened to their music when we were younger, but I guess we weren’t ready…. the time is just ripe when we are older.. I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t make sense at all. šŸ˜€

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    1. Hi!

      I spend more time going back and listening to 60’s and 70’s music, mostly rock and soul music. I find that I go through phases. In my teens I went through a heavy metal punk but in my early youth I was into AIr Supply and Abba. I would still listen to all of those genres. I guess now that I am older and now at home more I get to explore more music. Also, there is the Youtube thing, I get lost in all the new music, well new to me music it suggests.

      You always make sense kid =)


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