Happy endings

Good morning world! You made it to December 29, 2022, and as always, that is a good thing. For me though, last year was a great year for me and it went by way too fast. New Year is a time when I reflect on my past year. For me, this blog makes it easier to remember the good times and even some of the not so good times, cause these times are part of life and my story. Through this blog, I have virtually met some amazing people and I am so thankful for all the laughs, raised eyebrows (mine), and all the beautiful pictures and descriptions of faraway places, new music, and delectable food. Also, I have read about faith and spirituality from many different places. Wherever you are in the world, I wish you a joyous and prosperous New Year. Thank you, all of you that have visited in this past year as I appreciate it. My words have traveled to many faraway places, and this makes me happy. My imaginary passport is full. Hopefully, I have kept you company or made you laugh or scratch your head or listen to a new-to-you song.

Here a music by R.E.M. to get those feet moving and toes tapping, please press play.

Not a NYE song but it just feels right.
Me and my girls. We snapped a selfie to send to Hubby yesterday and, I love the look on Tacobelle’s face.

2022 was a better year for us. Covid restrictions are practically non-existent now. We got to take a few more trips and visit with our families. I got to introduce Hubby to my cousin and his son, and I got to meet Hubby’s sister-in-law. Also, I got to add another state to my list of places I have visited. Now only 45 more to visit! Below are some photos from the trips from this past year.

This was taken February 17, 2022, on the US 93 on the way to Hoover Dam. Our anniversary day!
This was taken on May 23, 2022, on our way to St. George, Utah.
A snap from our Santa Barbara road trip to see Whiskey Meyers at the Arlington Theater.

In the coming year, Hubby and I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary. I mentioned that we had a few rough blips. Yes, I can call them blips. There were a few misunderstandings but nothing that was not a fixable learning experience. However, I do know now, because I have blog posts to look back at, that most of our testy moments happen when one of us is going through illness or medical issues. Now, I will know to make sure that either one of us is feeling okay or may have an underlying issue, like a brewing flu or arthritis flare if we become testy with each other. Below are a few photos, selfies, that we took on various road trips.

Here are a few of our selfies that we took on various road trips and what-not in the past year. For me, I am blessed and thankful for the life I have at this moment and that I get to share it with my friend and lover, my driver and caretaker, my repair man, my bass player, my Hubby. To sum up my feelings about Hubby and I, here is quote from one of my favorite movies, The Wedding Date.

“I’d rather fight with you than make love with anyone else.” Dermot Mulroney – Nick Mercer 

We did have a full and exciting year, that is for sure, and I am looking forward to whatever the New brings and hope that I am able to see 2024. I had wanted to write about many things in this post, like our pets, my weight loss and gains, our health and aging (what hurts today?), photography, music and travel that we did throughout the year, but I think this is okay. No need to stress or worry about posting everything as this is not my job and never want it to be. I will promise to never follow a formula to write a post but to let it all hang out like I do in my life that is not shared here. To anyone I have offended with my grammar and typos, hope you are ready for 2023 because I do not see that getting better…ha ha! For now, this is it, my year in review. I am sure that I will revisit 2022 in future posts, for that I do not need a crystal ball.

Time is fleeting, use it, live it, experience it. I hope you all had a wonderful year. Thank you, dear reader, for visiting. May you an easy New Year and may your troubles and worries be light. As always, wherever you are going, I hope you get there safely. Big year end HUG!

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  1. Happy New Year,
    Thanks for sharing your last year, I am grateful that we have had the chance to share each other’s blogs, to get to know one another and be cheerleaders for each other. I hope 2023 is filled with love, happiness and blessings beyond your wildest dreams.

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    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Hi Christine! I am thankful that we have virtually met here as well. You are right about being cheerleaders, even if it is only about our accomplishments and such. I hope to keep it up. Thank you for sharing your world and your views and feelings.

      Blessings for a lovely new year 😊

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  2. I love your blog Michelle, and enjoy following you on your life journey. Thanks for your support of my blog over the past year as well. I wish you and hubby the best in 2023, and we need to meet up soon!

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    1. M. Lee Keena says:

      Thank you Jeff! So glad to have gotten to know you through our blogs. You really do have an eclectic taste in music. By the way, the reason I like your blog and read about these new artists and even some of the classics that I may have nee we’ve heard of. Yes, I still would like to meet you as we are neighbors here in the CV. Let’s do it soon before summer is back 😁
      Have a happy New Year!

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  3. rkrontheroad says:

    I love the idea that your words have traveled to many faraway places! Meeting so many interesting people in the blog world has been a positive thing for me the past few years, and you too. Have a wonderful new year!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. terrie gura says:

    What a great selfie album! 🙂

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