Free to be freeeeeeeeee

Hey now and you made it to the party. It is 4th of July A day to celebrate our freedom. That is the beauty of America. We have the liberty to question authority and our government. We have a right to protest. We have a right to proclaim reverse racism and that we have “minority friends” so that frees a person from being a racist. Anyhow, I awoke from a nap yesterday a little groggy and not feeling well, no not the virus. I checked the news feed, FB and saw post that I scrolled past and then went back to three times before I commented. I even took a few breaths (and a bong hit) and paced a few times before I typed it out. So, I really thought about it and yes, it is how I felt. However, I commented and sat my phone down as I was upset and knew that nothing good could come out of my phone being in my hand. Press play for a bit of comic relief….(be warned explicit language)

we all need a theme song, right….

Anyhow, I guess my school friend who had made a comment that I did not agree on replied but erased it, so I did not get to see her response or maybe she blocked me, not sure, haven’t checked or cared to. I am still here for her or anyone to speak about reverse racism. I thought about it. I am sure my friend has been subject to adverse situations in her life and not because of her skin color, but then again, I have never walked a mile in her shoes. However, I will play the Devils advocate and say that she as a women, I am with utmost certainty, that she has had to face discrimination in her life of some sort. That is not lie for most women, especially minority women. Think I am lying about women being mistreated? Just watch any press conference the Big Cheese holds and see how he speaks to the female gender. See how the other male senators address the female senators. It happens right in front of us on National TV. So, please, my dear friend, if you are reading this, I am humbly sorry, but you and I go way back and you have never held your tongue with me or any one. You have always spoke your mind and I was jealous that I could not be more outspoken like you. It has taken me 30 years to find my voice so nice to meet you. Let’s just agree to disagree and be friends…

So a few days ago a new video dropped for Bury My Bones and it got me emotional. The story in this music video is spot on. Evan Kaufmann wrote, directed and shot this powerful video for Whiskey Meyers. It is the story of two young boys and all their boy hood fascination and dreams and seeing them grownup and become men, men in duty and honor. I cried in the last scene. Maybe it is because I have boys and now grandsons or as a photographer and I know I shoot things because of the emotions a scene in front of me makes me feel. All I know is this photographer and dreamer has a bright future ahead of him. Do keep an eye out for him. I see awards in this young mans future. Press play…what say you?

This reminds me of the 80s and MTV when music video were good.

Fourth of July is a holiday that I generally would volunteer to work as most jobs would pay time and half or if I was working as a waitress or bar tender, people were usually more generous with their tips. Somehow, I usually spent the night of the 4th with the kids watching fireworks. Thank goodness that their fathers family always picked up the slack and watched the kids for me. I am ever so grateful. I was one of those Moms that detested Safe & Sane fireworks. Why, not for the reason I told my kids, like it was a waste of money or they could get burned or lose a finger. No, really, this holiday brought out the best in people I knew, not really. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to twirl sparklers in the air and spell out names and run from firecrackers, some people couldn’t wait to drink and then blow shit up and other things that a teenage girl even though she had a baby out of wedlock should have ever had to be subjected to by her own family. You see, I am a runner, the fight or flight kind, I actually took those jobs because I don’t like family gatherings as they are painful no matter who is there. No pill, booze or therapist can make it better. I have tried. So please anyone, if a child – boy or girl, is hesitant about doing something like going to a family gathering after they used to enthusiastically go, question it. Do something about it. Do not pass the blame back on them and tell them they are being an asshole. Yes, I have heard that once or twice and if the shoe the fits then I will gladly wear it. Anyhow, back to the kids, Truth is, this how the scene usually played out in our house with my kids on 4th of July. I was probably speaking or yelling to “hurry up and get yo shit together! Let’s go!”

I know this year this holiday is different as much of the USA is under Covid-19 restrictions this does not mean that you can’t celebrate, you can. I celebrate every day that I wake up.

To you dear reader where ever in the world you are may you have a lovely day. It is okay to be your own party, sometimes it is safe that way, just sayin’… Hugs to you and you and you and You over there…I see you!

A little fireworks preview of the display that will be put on tonight in the Coachella Valley. I took this in 2018

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  1. morishige says:

    Happy Fourth of July, M! 🙂

    Here, we we commemorate the independence on August 17. We usually celebrate it with fun games. Guess this year the celebration won’t be so festive as the previous years.

    Anyway, the Asshole song really made my day. 😀 Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning! HA HA!!! I hope I didn’t offend anyone with it. It is however a song.
      It was a different 4th but a nice one and quite. Just the way I like it.
      I am sure they will have sort of celebration, right? We did here, people still had parties but they tried to outlaw fireworks and it just didn’t work. If people want to celebrate, they will find ways.

      …that song…singing right now…ha ha!!!!


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