Happy Trails

Good day world! How are you doing in Finland, Morocco, Italy, France, Pakistan, Sweden and Nigeria? These are a few of the countries that I noticed have visited this blog in the last week. That is the one stat that I like to keep track of as it makes me feel like I am traveling, although I may never leave the comfort of my chair most days. Thank you to everyone that have visited this blog to either look at photos, hear music, or read about my disorganized body and brain or what ever thought I may feel is important to me. Sometimes, I may like something so much I want to share it with everyone, like a band or music. This blog was started in 2017 and even though it is getting harder for me to come here every day because of my health, it will soon hit 20,000 views, which is a big milestone for me, not really. I know there are other blogs that get 20K on a daily basis. Me, I am happy for the connections that I have made from this blog as it has makes me feel like I am part of a community even though we may be in different states or countries. Today is October 19, 2021 and you have made it to see another day, and always, that is great thing!

We had a busy weekend. Friday, Hubby played with the Ghosts of Kelso at the Tack Room in Indio. The weather was perfect that night and the patio was full of diners, happily enjoying their meals. The guys played three sets starting at 8 PM. Here is a video of them performing a cover of the Kinks hit, You Really Got Me, at the Tack Room Tavern in Indio.

This has also been posted the the Ghost of Kelso Youtube channel.

The guys seemed like they were all having fun up there playing as it has been a few months since the last time they were together. I used this gig to work on improving my video skills. I placed the Sony on a stabilizer and let it record while I enjoyed the show. It was hard as I wanted to snap photos and hang out near the stage like I used to. I did capture a few but I didn’t move from my seat much and it shows.

Ugh, my lens was filthy…this is my Hubby and favorite bass player, James Keena.
There was a little space between a pillar and one of the amps so I pressed the button.

It was nice to share a table with a friend of the bands singer and I enjoyed speaking and catching up on her life since the last time I had saw her when they last played. Hopefully, Hubby and I will get to resume catching local bands around town and abroad as more people become vaccinated and pandemic restrictions lift.

The following day, we did our best to recover from that classic night of fun. It was pleasantly surprising when early Saturday afternoon Hubby asked which I would prefer a room with a patio/balcony or a vintage airstream. Well, if you read this blog then you might know me a little and can probably guess correctly, that I said enthusiastically “The Airstream!!!!” It was hard to contain my excitement for those twenty four hours before we got on the road. I checked out the hotel website Highway West Vacations to get the details and what was included in the Airstream. It listed a propane grill and propane fire ring. My mind instantly started treating this like a camping adventure. Well, camping, lite. I packed items to prepare dinner and breakfast. I brought utensils and a pan, a frozen chicken breast and frozen lobster tail, bacon and eggs, grabbed the open package of salad mix, and bag of baby yellow potatoes along with a few spices and such. I made sure to keep all those supplies to one small bag. Part of me wanted to bring everything from my kitchen but knew that I would be tired upon checkout and wanted to make sure we had a light load to pack for the ride home. It worked out just fine, really. I did wish that I had brought salt and pepper but figured my fresh salsa that I did bring, would be plenty seasoning enough, if we needed it. Below are a couple quick videos and pictures of my cooking adventure for this trip. Usually, I am to busy getting what ever food I made into my belly that I hardly ever take photos of it.

Can’t you smell the bacon?

After our little dinner, we went for a drive to find a great spot to see the sunset. If you are into watching the sky for what ever reason, I can highly recommend visiting the Anza Borrego Desert. In the sky you are sure to see hawks circling and riding the wind, planes of every sort, falling stars and unidentified objects. Sunset was scheduled for 6:55 PM that evening. We drove up the street to the Anza Borrego State Park and walked around the trails and found a nice bench to sit at and watch natures scheduled display.

Do find this bench and enjoy a sunset if you are ever in the area.

It was such a nice and romantic way to walk off our meal. We really needed this time away from everything. I am still going through photos and videos from this trip and keep stopping and looking over them and remembering those precious moments. After we returned back to the trailer, we sat out by the fire and Hubby even played guitar. It was the best, really, every thing that I had hoped and dreamed about when I imagined what my married life was going to be like back in my youth. We ended our evening early, around 8 PM. It was a little sad that although the trailer came with a TV, it did not have a remote. So we were forced to have a TV free evening. Okay so I know Hubby wanted to watch the games that were on but I am sure that he didn’t mind as only the Raiders were victorious that night.

The following morning, I was up around 3 AM. I tried to remain quiet so that Hubby could sleep longer. He awoke a half hour later and asked if coffee was ready. We then got my cameras and left to watch the sunrise. I am still reviewing most of the photos from this trip but here are a few from our two hour sunrise adventure.

I think this is my favorite one of the sculptures.

Although it was a quick trip, less than 24 hours, I felt like we took a long vacation. I know that I came home tired, but refreshed. The trip gave me a few ideas of what I would like to work on in my paintings and drawings. Also, it has me checking out the other resorts in the area. We passed La Casa Del Zorro on the way out of town and I hope that we will be staying there next.

Time to review the rest of the photos and video from our trip, or maybe take a nap. Thank you dear reader for visiting and hope to see you around these parts again. Where ever in the world you are may your day be peaceful. Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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  1. Sarah Davis says:

    I love a good road trip. The planning is almost as fun as the going.

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    1. I agree with you on the planning ‘cause it can it leads to giddy (for me) anticipation 😁

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